Sexy When Wet: Summer is in full swing here in the hot South and I'm in my element!. See all my sexy, tanned curves all wet and slippery after a dip in the pool!
Working Girl: This week i'm either your fat naughty secretary or your domineering boss lady trying to take choose hehe. come have a peek of me stripping down to my undies and stockings i'm sure you'll enjoy every minute of it.
Bustin' Out of Bike Shorts: These shorts are soooo tight!!! I was sure my belly was going to burst right out of them!! Come see me show off all my sexy curves in these super tight short shorts.
Nature Made: There's nothing i love more than letting my body hang out while i'm lounging in the sun...come see me lounge around outside with all my fatty parts gleaming in the sunshine.
Bedtime Fatty: Wanna come snuggle up next to my big fat body in bed? I'm all ready for ya ;) hehe Come see me strip down to my skivvies while i get ready for bedtime.
Fat Bikini Babe: It may be cold outside but i'm trying to make it HOT HOT HOT in here ;) hehe Y'all come see me in my new bikini and watch me take it all off.
White Girdle and Pantyhose: Oh i feel sooo sexy in this tight white girdle and my pantyhose. It shows off my curves like crazy. Come see my fat curvy body stuffed into these hose and won't be disappointed.
Peek-a-Boo: You like my little peek-a-boo dress? Though my belly is peeking more than it is hiding hehehe but it's just so darn big that I can't help it ;) Also, don't miss my sexy and suggestive cigar smoking video! Lots of love, big fat hugs and happy holidays to you all!
White Low Rider Pants: I love the way these low rider pants hug my hips and butt..they make me look sooo curvy :D wait i AM curvy hehe. Come see me strutt my stuff in these sexy pants and heels.
Fishnets and Black Lace - fishnets and lace make me feel all sexy and I love the way stockings look on my big fat thighs. Come see me show it ALL in this new update. You won't regret it ;)
Thigh Highs, Short Skirt and a Big Fat Body -  What else could a fella want right? hehe Come on inside and see me model this sexy lil' outfit for ya and show off my big fat body.
Luscious and Sweet: Do i look like a pear to you? hehe...ok, i'm probably a papple but i couldn't resist since i'm wearing all green :) Come see all my sexy curves clinging to this tight outfit
Fat Naughty Serving Wench: would you like some rolls with that? hehe. Come see this fat naught serving wench showing off all her curves and allow you to see what's under that tiny little skirt
Tight Skirt: Ready for my job interview as an icecream tastetester!! wouldn't that be fabulous? Someone has to have this job icecream taste tester is the ideal fat girl job hehe So, i'm all dressed up and have my big fat belly as my resume ;) hehe...come see this picture set along with a video of the interview (coming soon)!!!
Gray Dress: I had a hard time getting this tight dress over my belly and booty hehe..but as you can see, once it was on it clung to every last curve i had ...hanging on for dear life hehe. Come see every last bit of fat squeezed into this tight tight dress.
Body Building: In my spare time i like to participate in fat girl body building competitions *wink* and in order to prepare myself, I eat lots of sweets to make sure my fat body is bulging in all the right places. Watch nearly 15 minutes of video of me eating in my bikini, rubbing baby oil all over and posing to show off my fat body. Plus i weigh myself AGAIN! come -n- see!
Buffet Master: this is the set you've been waiting for ;) I decided to weigh myself before heading out to the buffet and then again after coming home from the buffet's amazing ..SERIOUSLY amazing how much weight a fat gal can gain in one night hehe. So y'all really gotta come see this video and see how much i'm weighing in at these days
Vacation - Come with me traveling around on my beach vacation.. there's swimsuit pics and just general pics of me hanging around the area...stopping for icecream or what have ya in my cute little shirt my mom got me that has a fat girl in a swimsuit that says on the back "go big or go home" LOL..toooooooooo cute .. anyway, come have a look.
Piggy Flu - Uh oh...i came back from my South American vacation with the 'Eat Like a Piggy Flu' ..and i can't seem to get enough Mexican food!!!! I can't seem to gobble it down fast enough!! Come see this picture set and an over 10 minute long video of my piggy flu causing me to eat until i nearly pop...and then have to lay down and give myself a belly rub at the end hehe
Planet Fatso - Can Rotunda (me!) save Planet Fatso from the vicious Skinny McKnobbyKnees of Planet Anorexia Nervosa? She wants to blow up the buffet, but Skinny is no match for big fat Rotunda! I also did some comparison shots in this outfit since i wore it a couple years ago. You can see that my belly is peeking out and that the material is stretched to the max and ready to burst at the seams.
Belly Play Video - Come watch as i jiggle, stroke, rub and caress my big fat belly. My belly is so huge that it strains through my shirt and cannot be contained. I love having my belly rubbed and seeing it move and jiggle is just fascinating. Come see me play with and jiggle my big fat sexy belly just for you.
Taco Date With Me!! - Come have a taco dinner with me. Nearly a FULL HOUR of video of me cooking and eating taco's and talking about how i felt when i first found the bbw community ..and learning to love my fat body.
Jean Shorts: I'm just a country girl at heart and this set proves it hehe.
Come see me in my jean shorts and piggy tails showing off my
big fat body!
Feast For a Family: Three brand new videos this week for a total of
around 45 MINUTES WORTH OF VIDEO!!! Come watch me have a feast fit for a family and then continue on to have brownies!! You also don't want to miss the cinnamon roll video..this fat girl can take down
a plate of cinnamon rolls pretty darn quickly hehe

Big Bikini Babe: It's hot out and it's time for fat bikini pool pics!!! Come see me get all wet and bask in the sun. There's also a VIDEO CLIP where i jump into the pool, do a flip in the water and show off my huge body. You don't wanna miss this set fellas.

Too Tight Jeans: Hey guys these jeans USE to fit but not any longer. Think i might have put on a few pounds since then hehe. Everytime i
tried to snap the top little snaps they just kept popping back
Mirror Image: Bubble Bath - Hey fellas come watch me get all wet and soapy in my new big
huge bathtub. I lather up all my fat rolls and am dripping wet
just for you. There is also a VIDEO that goes along with this
set. Come have a look you don't want to miss this.
White Pantyhose - Here's my latest update guys. These tight white pantyhose don't fit so well lol, but they're white and they hug my curves tightly Though when i turn around you can see that the booty part of the pantyhose is hanging low because i couldn't get them completely over my big fat thighs and put them in the right spot lol. Come have a look, you won't be disappointed ;)
Chinese Buffet - here's the latest update where i head out to the chinese buffet. I stuff myself to where i can barely walk back to the car!!! hehe There aren't a whole lotta pictures with this update,
but the VIDEO CLIP is almost 9 minutes long!
Tight Belt - This is an extra large update of me wearing tight tight clothes and yes..a belt ...welll.....two belts because i can't ever find ONE that will go around me hehe. So I just put two together and viola. Most of the set is in color, but i couldn't resist putting a few in black and white. There will also be a video
with the 2nd half of this set. So come have a look fellas - you won't be disappointed. PLUS VIDEO CLIP!
Outside Khaki's - I know how y'all love to see me in regular every day clothes. So here i am hanging out around the house. The pants are very comfortable, but just look at how my body bulges out in places. My Belly looks like it's going to burst out of those pants any second.
There's also a 6 minute video of me trying to fit into tight places in my parents don't wanna miss this update guys.
Icecream Cake Text - Mmmmmm i loooove icecream cake. Come watch me eat the entire thing
filling up my belly with all its yummy goodness. I know this cake is only gonna make me fatter, but ya know what? I could care less hehe. There is also a 6 minute video of me talking about how much i am loving every minute of eating it. Though, i sure need a belly rub at the end after being soooo full *pout* PLUS VIDEO CLIP!
Tight Clothing - I'm sure some of you remember these articles of clothing from past updates. Come watch me try them on after my body has grown ever so much larger!!! I'm jumping and jiggling trying to stuff my huge body into these clothes that USE to fit. There is also a 6 minute video that will drive you wild watching me trying to squeeze myself into these clothes. PLUS VIDEO CLIP!
Pink Hearts - These tight white pants with their little pink hearts make my body look HUGE..or is it my huge body that makes me look huge ;) hehe. Either way i'm looking incredibly fat in this update. Come have a peek
Car Wash - Come watch me wash this dirty car in nothing but a half shirt and a pair of cutoff shorts that don't fit my fat body. My rolls and body are all hot and soapy from all the work that i have to hose myself
down. There is also a video with this set that you can NOT miss.
Tight White Leggings - These pants are so tight that i can't even believe i got my body into them. They cling to every curve on me and i look so very round and curvy and AND out of them :) There are also 3 videos with this set of me jumping rope and doing 2 cheerleading video games- One with pants and one without. You can't miss all this jiggling action
Striped Catsuit - Do these stripes make me look fat? hehe. My body is bulging in this outfit. You simply must come have a look at how fat i've
gotten. Also, don't miss the video :)
Comparison Update - Think i've gotten fatter over the years? Well i can absolutely guarantee it!! Come have a look at these amaaaaaaazing comparison shots. You won't believe your eyes. Which part of me got the fattest ya think? I'm not telling'll have to judge for yourself ;)
Black and White - Come see me model this sexy little black and white nighty just for you. There's also 2 new vids with this update of me lotioning up my fat luscious body and slipping my fingers in between all my slippery fat rolls. There's also a vid of me trying on a pair of pantyhose and i must say they look fabulous clinging to my curves once i managed to get them on.
VanTastic - After having done a set seeing if i can fit into a car, now we simply MUST see if i can fit into this van. It was such a tight
squeeze. You'll be amazed at the size of my body in this van. There
is also a video of me getting in and out and all the tight squeezes
Come have a look guys, you won't be disappointed